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I’ve got fabulous friends and family all over the country. With one Baby shower in Hawai’i and another coastie baby shower in Juneau we are so blessed.

Here are some pics from my babyshower in Hilo held by; Ka’ike’a, Lalaina, Brandi, Vicki & Mom all thanks to the work of everyone involved who managed to keep it a secret.

Here are some pics of our beautiful spread for the Juneau shower all thanks to Janell and Staci of Staci’s Sweet Sensations 🙂

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Here are some yummy cakes that Janell and I have whipped up for the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program bake sale. We make a great team and these treats were baked in the midst of caring for an infant and two very active toddlers 🙂
The square one and two of the small rounds are lemon with raspberry buttercream and the rest are white chocolate pound cake with raspberry preserves.

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I love working with crafts about as much as love baking. This a little back pack I designed for adorable little Samantha. It’s the perfect size for her to tote along her snacks and toys!

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I enjoy making everyone happy and baby showers have become a bit of my speciality. Not only do I enjoy baking my sweet treats, but I also enjoy crafting them; hence my diaper cakes. This is an example for the most recent shower I’m holding, more pics to come 🙂

The shower was a success, here are some shots of the cake, or shall I say Giant Cupcake:) topped with home made buttercream and jimmies formed from fondant with a cherry on top; surrounded by regular sized cupcakes in both pink and purple, it went very well with our theme of “Tea Party”

My very dear friend Janell and I also prepared mini pink and purple cupcakes accompanied with Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea as a favor!
Next project a tea kettle cake!!I’m ready!

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Welcome to my Blog! I’m a stay at home mother to my beautiful toddler Samantha and a very proud USCG wife. I love making sweet treats and crafts for all my friends and family. I’m self taught and would love to open my own store front at some point in the near future. Born and raised with comfort foods always near by, I believe a nice treat can help make anything better. I love to help brighten peoples day through any means be it a wonderful craft or a Sweet Treat! Come join me on my journey through the wonderful world of baked goods and crafts.

This pic is of one of the cakes i made; Samantha’s very own (pound cake) for her first birthday.

Three layers of Yummy, another home made creation for Samantha’s birthday.

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